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Chore Work vs. Glamour Work

Are you working on the right projects?

Let’s talk about an important concept: Chore Work vs. Glamour Work. When I first heard about this concept from Dr. Chela White, it was a huge A-HA moment for me. With event production, entertainment, and hospitality shaping my early career, “Chore work” came so naturally to me. I was great at getting high volumes of work done, but never seemed to be the one recognized for a project’s success.

Text reads: Chore Work Vs. Glamour Work. Are you Working on the Right Projects?

What is the difference? Get ready for a quick breakdown in just 90 seconds!

Chore work and glamour work are two different types of tasks that exist in various areas of our lives, especially in careers and households.

Chore work refers to the essential but often unnoticed and undervalued tasks, like cleaning, organizing, or administrative work.

On the other hand, glamour work encompasses the high-profile, glamorous tasks that usually receive more recognition and praise, such as presenting, leading projects, or creative work.

The interesting thing is, chore work tends to be gendered and disproportionately assigned to women, while glamour work is often associated with leadership and prestige.

How do we move forward?

Recognizing and addressing this disparity is crucial for achieving equality, as chore work is just as valuable and deserving of acknowledgment.

So, let’s challenge the status quo! Let’s appreciate and value the everyday tasks that keep our households and workplaces running smoothly.”

Step 1: Share the responsibility! Encourage equal distribution of chores at home and challenge traditional gender roles.

Step 2: Recognize and reward the efforts of those who handle chore work, giving them the visibility they deserve.

Step 3: Promote a culture that values diverse contributions and acknowledges the importance of both chore work and glamour work.

And there you have it! Chore Work vs. Glamour Work explained in a nutshell. Let’s strive for a more balanced and inclusive future!

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