Ready To Change The World? Sponsor Hire Women Week!

It’s that time of year, with the holidays right around the corner that means we’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from Hire Women Week. And we are excited as ever to offer up the opportunity to snag the spotlight during this momentous annual event as a sponsor.   

Did you know that tech companies led by women deliver a higher Return on Investment (ROI) than those led by men? This extends even further with research showing that businesses with a diverse leadership outperform others by 25%! 

There’s a clear financial benefit, on top of the moral imperative, to ensure women have equitable opportunities within tech.

Move the needle and join Lady Bird Talent and our other sponsors and speakers in employing more women where they make a difference – in leadership and tech roles, and particularly within startups.

Hire Women Week 2024 is gearing up to kick off from January 22nd-26th with a dynamic blend of virtual and real-life components. The week is our rally cry, designed to dismantle the biases that women and underrepresented groups face during interviews, hiring, when climbing the ladder, as caregivers, and to open up a world of opportunities for them in tech and startups.

This mission is critical for us all, and we are excited to be inviting sponsors to participate in this years event. Not only does sponsoring Hire Women Week provide unique employer branding towards an action-driven audience, but it also serves up opportunities for speaking, exhibiting, and hiring your next roles. 

For those who wish to connect directly with decision-makers and other businesses with the same missions and mindset as yours, we also are offering the opportunity sponsor our special luncheon series to make critical connections.

So, who will get the most value out of a Hire Women Week sponsorship?

Startups Filling Up Roles!

Startups looking to widen and diversify their applicant pool, this is your moment. Hire Women Week is the gateway to the best talent, ready to drive results. Look forward to sessions and panels aimed at sourcing new candidates, enhancing the skills of your existing team, and exploring techniques to continue incentivizing & supporting a diverse workforce. Still not sure it’s the right fit?  For further reading on our audience, checkout this article outlining who attends Hire Women Week!

Organizations Offering Services to HR Teams

If you’re a brand providing services or products to HR teams, here’s your golden ticket. Partner with us, sponsor the event, and get a chance to showcase your offerings to decision-makers in talent sourcing and hiring. You’ll also network with other HR professionals who are champions of gender inclusion.

Women’s ERGs, Networks, and Feminist Mavericks!

If you’re part of a Women’s Network or an Employee Resource Group, Hire Women Week is a trove of invaluable resources and inspiration for career advancement. An extensive program featuring motivational panels, networking, and mentorship opportunities await you!

Legacy Brands Ready to Promote Gender Equity

To the well-established brands seeking to level-up their employer brand, Hire Women Week provides a showcase for your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Engage with thought leaders discussing best practices in hiring women, and directly connect with potential employees at our various networking events.

Sponsoring Hire Women Week means more than securing a branding opportunity with a crucial audience – it’s a commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion in your talent pipeline. We’re calling on everyone dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the tech industry. Help us drive change, create momentum, and together, we can shape a more diverse tech Industry. We’re ecstatic to work together on bespoke packages. Let’s transform the face of tech together!

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