Networking Personality Quiz! When you attend a networking event, what's usually on your mind? A. Figuring out who the key players are and how you can engage with them. B. Easy–it's all about meeting new people and making connections. C. Learning about new trends in your industry. D. Identifying potential opportunities for career advancement and ways you can turn some professional heads. E. That you are breaking out of your comfort zone in a way that you know will benefit you, so keep going!
How would you typically introduce yourself to someone new at a networking event? A. Hi, I'm [Name], and I'm new to the industry. I'm looking to make connections and learn as much as I can. B. Hi, I'm [Name], it's nice to meet you. Tell me everything about yourself! C. Hi, I'm [Name]. I'm passionate about [Industry] and am always looking to learn more. D. Hi, my name is [Name], are you familiar with [insert book or business strategy]? It's really impacting my leadership skills. E. Hi, I'm [Name]. I'm a bit nervous but excited to meet new people and expand my network.
You're having a conversation with someone at a networking event, and you realize they may be a valuable contact for you. What's your next move? A. Pitch yourself and your skills, highlighting your eagerness to stand out in the industry. B. Offer up a helpful recommendation or resource, then ask for their contact information and suggest meeting for coffee or lunch. C. Ask what book they're reading, what methodologies they love, and what they think is the next big thing. Then, connect on LinkedIn. D. Discuss potential career advancement opportunities they have leveraged and and show off your skills by referencing Radical Candor. E. Take a deep breath and ask if they would be interested in exchanging contact information to keep in touch.
How do you usually follow up with people you meet at networking events? A. Send a follow-up email pitching to keep you in mind for job opportunities or highlighting your skills. B. Ask them for a coffee connect sometime, and invite them to the next event you're going to. C. Send a friendly email thanking them for their time and ask for an informational chat. D. Send a written thank-you note and express your interest in any potential leadership opportunities. E. Send a super short email thanking them for their time and expressing your interest in keeping in touch. Then pat yourself on the back–you did it!!
How do you feel about attending networking events? A. Excited to meet new people and make a name for yourself in the industry. B. Enjoy meeting new people and making new friends with similar interests–we're nothing without a community! C. See them as a way to learn and grow in your industry, you usually seek out conferences and seminars. D. View them as a way to advance your career, identify potential opportunities, and practice your executive presence. E. See them as a challenge but know they are necessary for personal and professional growth.
Let's Tally Your Responses! Mostly A New Gal Networker As a new entrant to the industry, you're eager to make a name for yourself and impress the key players in your field. You're not afraid to pitch yourself and your skills and are always on the lookout for opportunities to advance your career. Mostly B Social Butterfly You love attending networking events because you know that you'll get to meet interesting people and potentially form lifelong connections. For you, networking is less about finding new job opportunities and more about building a supportive community.
Let's Tally Your Responses! Mostly C Insight Seeker You attend networking events to learn more about your industry and to gain perspective. You're curious and ask a lot of questions, and you're always looking for ways to improve yourself and your business. Mostly DReaching-over-the-Rung You're determined to advance your career and see networking events as a way to identify potential opportunities. You're confident and assertive, and you're always looking for ways to position yourself for success.
Let's Tally Your Responses! Mostly E Hesitant Hobnobber You're prob an introvert - you recognize the importance of networking events for personal and professional growth, but you feel uncomfortable attending them. You understand that networking is critical for advancing your career. However, the fear of coming across as opportunistic or being rejected can be a major barrier for you.