Connect with our team now to secure the discounted rate for Hiring in January.

Save Precious Time and Effort in Your Hiring Process

Looking to strengthen your team with talented women? With Lady Bird Talent, you get access to a pool of mid-level and senior talent primed for your hiring needs.

We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. By early February, expect video highlight reels of interviews 5-7 qualified candidates, saving you weeks in the recruiting cycle. Our dedicated team promotes your roles, shares your employer story and mission, and even helps design the recruitment screening process. We also facilitate the first round of interviews, making the process efficient and seamless.

Get Well-Informed Candidates Ready for Interviews

Not only are we diligent to find candidates that are a fit, we ensure candidates are prepped about your company, your product, and the targets for the role they are applying for. By the time an interview with your team is scheduled, both parties are well informed, making it an effective use of the hiring manager’s time.

Hire Women Week is the Perfect Time for Hiring.

Lady Bird Talent is a recruiting resource for you all year long, but January is a special time in our community, Hire Women Week. Riding the momentum of our flagship event, we provide you with a talent pipeline brimming with mid-level and senior talent. Q1 is the ideal time to partner with us because your employer brand will be promoted to thousands of attendees during our flagship event.

Pay Only When You Hire

As part of our commitment to Hire Women Week, we’re offering a contingent rate. You only pay us when a hire is made.

Ready to start recruiting the smart way? Join Lady Bird Talent’s Q1 hiring cohort today. Don’t miss this opportunity to hire top female talent and save on your recruitment process. Act Now!

What Type of Roles are a Fit?

Our community is majority 5-15 years experience working in the following roles.

  • Software Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Customer Success
  • Product Designers
  • Project Managers and Program Managers
  • People Ops
  • Operations
  • Chief of Staff
Software Engineer
6 weeks to hire. At an early stage startup, the Engineering Manager still actively produces code and they were able to review candidates on a flexible schedule after core responsibilities were handled.
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Chief of Staff
"I have a really strong sense of the candidates before I even meet them. It's really helpful to get a foundation before we talk so I can go deeper in my interview questions faster."
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the January Special Offer?

Partnering with Lady Bird Talent in January is a unique opportunity for hiring teams to connect with a talent pool of highly qualified women professionals from our largest community event, Hire Women Week. By joining this cohort, companies can save weeks of the recruiting cycle as our team handles role promotion, employer story & mission sharing, recruiting screening process design, and the facilitation of the first round of interviews.

What is Hire Women Week?

Hire Women Week is an event designed to build a rich talent pipeline full of mid-level and senior talent. During this week, we focus on promoting and connecting women professionals to potential employers to boost diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

What benefits can I expect from joining the Q1 cohort?

Becoming a partner in Q1 will save your team weeks of the recruiting cycle. Instead of reading pages of notes or reviewing hundreds of applications, you will meet with your recruiting team for a weekly sync and progress updates. You can expect video highlight reels of 5-7 qualified candidates by early February. Plus, by the time an interview is scheduled, both parties will be well-informed about each other, ensuring an effective use of time.

What services does Lady Bird Talent provide in this program?

Our team takes over role promotion, films & shares your employer story, partners with you to design the recruiting screening process, and facilitates the first round of interviews. We also prepare the candidates about your company, product, and goals for the role.

What kind of candidates will I get access to?

You will have access to a talent pool full of mid-level and senior talent who are qualified, skilled, and ready to make a difference in your organization. These professionals are sourced through our community and the Hire Women Week initiative.

When can I expect to start seeing qualified candidates?

You can expect to receive video highlight reels of 5-7 qualified candidates by early February.

What is the cost of joining the Q1 hiring cohort?

Lady Bird Talent is offering a discounted, contingent rate for Hire Women Week. This means you only pay when a hire is made.

How does the interview process work?

After we have shared the video highlight reels, you can decide which candidates you want to take forward to the interview stage. We will facilitate the first round of interviews, making sure both parties are well-informed and the process is streamlined. The candidates can advance through your company’s typical process from there. 

Can you screen candidates that apply via our website?

Yes, you can forward candidates that you would like to put through the screening process and our recruiters will handle the rest.

How will Lady Bird Talent promote our roles?

Our team will work closely with you to understand your roles and how best to promote them. We will share your employer story & mission, ensuring your company’s vision and values are communicated effectively to attract the right candidates.

What roles are not a fit?

If you have several contingent recruiting firms supporting your search for a role, it’s likely not a fit. We’re laser focused on making this process as efficient for you as possible, but managing multiple inbound sources on different timelines will cause friction, slowing down the hiring process for you, our candidates, and the Lady Bird Talent team. We’re open to new titles, but our sweet spot is working with startup teams building their teams from employee #1 – #100.

How can I get started?

If you’re interested in joining the Q1 hiring cohort, you can contact us directly. We will guide you through the process and help you take the next steps towards building a diverse and dynamic team.