A 2022 Salary Guide for Women in Tech Leadership

Lady Bird Talent’s mission is to elevate 1,000 women in tech & leadership roles. To do that, we are building an incredible community of women and employers.

Our team talks with hundreds of women in tech and a number of questions and concerns come up over and over again, such as:

How much should I be making?   
Can I negotiate in the startup world?  
Should I balance the weight of great benefits against salary increases?

That’s why we put together this Salary Guide. Understanding your worth, how to negotiate a better Salary, and the current state of Women in the Workplace can carve great strides in your future.  Our passion is helping women, just like you, so we can all rise and succeed in the male-dominated tech industry.


Our 2022 Salary Guide for Women in Tech Leadership covers the following topics:

  • The Effects of COVID19 on the Tech Industry
  • The Gender Pay Gap
  • Knowing your Worth
  • Salary Range Research
  • Salary Negotiation Strategies
  • The Startup Conundrum
  • And More!

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